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A collection of blog posts of random thoughts and things which don't fit into other category

  • BBC playlister page
    BBC playlister in Rdio

    BBC playlister is a great service for finding new music and for consuming pre-made playlists. However the service normally only lets you listen to clips of tracks with the option to export to Spotify or Deezer. Great if you're a spotify/Deezer user but what about Rdio?

  • CANDDi logo
    Life in a startup as a graduate developer

    Startups offer many opportunities and challenges that you can't find in any other type of business! I'd recommend them to anyone!

  • Screenshot of rdio home screen
    Spotify to Rdio - Why Rdio rocks!

    Rdio is awesome! Backed by Echo Nest not only does it play songs in your playlists, but it finds you songs and artists similar to what you're currently listening to! If you're the kind of person who enjoys finding new music then Rdio is certainly the streaming service for you!

  • LightwaveRF Wifi Link and original mobile app
    Life with LightwaveRF

    It's been around a year since I first installed LightwaveRF in my flat. This post is basically an overview of LightwaveRF as I see it.

  • Just Do it!
    Just do it! 2014's resolution

    For 2014 I decided it was pointless to make a resolution to eat less chocolate, get fitter ...
    Instead I decided "Just Do It" was much a much better thing to aim for and he's why.