Development posts tend to contain thoughts and things I've learnt the hard way which hopefully will help someone else out.

Posts tend to be related to JavaScript but may on occasion relate to something else completely.

  • CV screenshot
    Writing a CV as a developer

    As a frontend developer I spend my time writing (among other things) HTML so when it comes to writing a CV why use Microsoft work/Apple pages when you can use your CV as an excuse to show off your skills?

  • Confused coder
    Step Away from the code! The power of taking a break

    As developers we spend a lot of our time staring at code wondering either why it won't work the way we want or why it's suddenly broken. There's a lot of evidence to suggest stepping away from the code might be much more productive than staring at it for extended periods.

  • canddi capture on
    Controlling plugins with MutationObserver

    MutationObserver provides a powerful tool to intercept and restyle plugins you may be running on your site. Here I'll break down how I use it to restyle CANDDi capture on this site.

  • Semalt in Google Analytics
    Ignoring semalt in Google Analytics

    Around April 2014 I began to notice semalt appearing in my analytics tools. It doesn't appear to be disruptive but it is annoying

  • Browser Logos
    Detecting DOM changes across browsers

    There are times when you need to know when a page changes underneath you. This post outlines 3 ways you can achieve this and still support legacy browsers.

  • mac mini
    Mac Mini - The ultimate home server?

    In March 2014 I bought myself a mac mini to replace 2 home servers I'd had for years and I've never looked back!

  • screenshot of the dashboard I built with the LightwaveRF API
    LightwaveRF API - Developing with LightwaveRF

    LightwaveRF has a relatively simple API allowing the control of all areas of the system. This post is a quick into into the API without disclosing it due to legal constraints explained below.